Monday, September 29, 2008

These are the steps invoved in setting up Yahoo oneConnect on your iPhone
1. Launch iTunes
2. Go to the App Store
3. Search for Yahoo! oneConnect
4. Download Yahoo! oneConnect (it's free!)
5. Sync your iPhone or iPod touch with iTunes
6. Go to your home screen on your device and tap on the Yahoo! oneConnect icon
7. Follow the instructions to set-up Yahoo! oneConnect
Note: If you do not have a 3G iPhone, you need to upgrade to the iPhone 2.0 Software Update.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The latest Nokia N95 clone series is now available. Don’t expect half of the N95’s features, rather Chinese (who else) have packed 2 MP camera, 3″ QVGA touchscreen, Bluetooth, FM radio and microSD card into this blatant rip-off. Plus, there’s a laser pointer - something that even Nokia’s all-in-one device lacks (not that it actually needs it).

Furthermore, unlike the original N95, this “version” doesn’t sports Nokia’s dual-slider mechanism and is thus quite larger — it measures 118×58x18.6 mm while weighing 108 grams.