Saturday, May 31, 2008

Messages and quotes on clothing has been popular for a long time now. The words we wore took interaction to an other level. We got a lot of choice to make on the ones we wore.. but often thought if we could customize one fabric for the mood and occasion. Well, this regard is now made simpler by the group Reactee.

The way it works is very simple. Log on to Reactee and customize your wear online. It will include a keyword for the uniqueness of your T-shirt. The Apparel costs you around 25 - 30 USD according to the required size.

Now, Groups, choirs, organizations, clubs can all create a uniformity with this mode of facility available. We ship it today, but the day you get it locally is not too far away. Many big textile kings are trying to make this possible inside their showrooms now.

Turkey's Pudracar has introduced the concept of dedicated car service for women. Even though taxi's for women exist, pudracar pours in additional concepts which makes it truly different.

The cars used are the BMW 3 series and the interiors made to suite a feminine with custom colored seats, soft pink roof, camel fur etc.. The rental rates are also low when compared. Pudracar also has additional features like inbuilt DVD players, ipods, LCD screens and wireless internet access. The service comes with a female driver too.

Will this be the next target of the luxury minded women? Lets wait and watch.

Ever thought of getting your indoor walls filled with greenery. Well, now you can actually have it done. Decorating a room with potted plants can be a very easy job when compared to this. Only a skilled artisan can make your indoor walls beautiful.
Indoor landscaping is one of the companies creating green walls for public spaces. This eco-friendly concept has opened up a big business opportunity for various interior designing agencies of UK and France. All commercial buildings of these locality is going green. Not only the walls, even the roof goes green. Green fortune is an other player in this domain.

I don't think this will be applicable for the private home sections as the cost included in the process are on the very higher side. But for sterile office environments and malls this would be an attraction as it improves air quality and take less floor space for potted greenery.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) are roughly equivalent to the "switch less resellers" of the traditional landlines telephone market. MVNOs were originally considered to be Switch less resellers, buying minutes wholesale from the large long distance companies and retail them to their customers. However, most MVNOs today own their own switching equipment, and many may own spectrum in other frequencies or territories.

Now, anyone can start their own MVNO with Sonopia which was recently launched. Here anybody gets the opportunity to kick off with their mobile network brand. This network created acts as a carrier medium and is also capable of snatching out 3% - 8% of the revenue of the network members. Well, this also helps in setting up calling plans and creating user groups.

A slight bit of marketing is required to generate revenue from this. You will have to convince people to switch from their existing network to yours. The good part is that Sonopia does not charge for this set up service. So there is nothing stopping you from starting your own MVNO today!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To all those who read this

Friends - I have no idea why i started off with a blog. I have no plans or no subject to talk about

fundamentally i just wanted to know what the buzz is all about. Everybody blogging about something or the other.. Just cant understand.

Well, i plan to blog about random things, principally about the bright promising business ideas in entertainment, media, publishing, retail, gaming, telecoms, mobile, transportation, tourism, fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle... fohh... thats a big list

and also discuss about assorted news, internet and technology. Some might be effective while some : pointless. Let me see how much i can contribute and what strikes.

Thats all for now...