Monday, September 29, 2008

These are the steps invoved in setting up Yahoo oneConnect on your iPhone
1. Launch iTunes
2. Go to the App Store
3. Search for Yahoo! oneConnect
4. Download Yahoo! oneConnect (it's free!)
5. Sync your iPhone or iPod touch with iTunes
6. Go to your home screen on your device and tap on the Yahoo! oneConnect icon
7. Follow the instructions to set-up Yahoo! oneConnect
Note: If you do not have a 3G iPhone, you need to upgrade to the iPhone 2.0 Software Update.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The latest Nokia N95 clone series is now available. Don’t expect half of the N95’s features, rather Chinese (who else) have packed 2 MP camera, 3″ QVGA touchscreen, Bluetooth, FM radio and microSD card into this blatant rip-off. Plus, there’s a laser pointer - something that even Nokia’s all-in-one device lacks (not that it actually needs it).

Furthermore, unlike the original N95, this “version” doesn’t sports Nokia’s dual-slider mechanism and is thus quite larger — it measures 118×58x18.6 mm while weighing 108 grams.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Many of you might have not downloaded the Mozilla Firefox version 3 on the Download Day. Firefox 3 was downloaded by 8 million people on June 17th 2008. Firefox celebrated this victory with certificates that carried a Guinness World Records logo.

Well, for all those who have missed the certificate - here is the chance to get it now. Click here for the link and create your certificate now.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Electronics retailer Best Buy has installed vending machines at 8 major US airports. It's a pilot program for the company's new Best Buy Express kiosks, which are large vending machines that carry cell phone and computer accessories, digital cameras, flash drives, MP3 players, headphones, gaming devices, travel adapters, and other items that are likely to appeal to customers on the go. Prices are similar to those in Best Buy stores.

Best Buy is targeting travellers in search of last-minute gifts, as well as those who need a replacement for a gadget or accessory they forgot to pack or lost along the way. The kiosks can currently be found at airports in Atlanta (ATL), Boston (BOS), Dallas (DFW), Houston (IAH), Las Vegas (LAS), Los Angeles (LAX), Minneapolis (MSP) and San Francisco (SFO). Four more will follow over the next few weeks.

It's an interesting move by Best Buy. The convenience factor is an obvious draw for travellers in a hurry, especially at airports with limited shopping options. But the branding on a vending machine by a well-known retailer is also a clear visual signal, instantly recognizable by consumers, which is a real advantage at busy and cluttered airports. One for other retailers to experiment with, too? How about a vending machine by Target, carrying their top 20 small items? Or one by Whole Foods, offering organic snacks?