Sunday, June 1, 2008

-I know its too early to do such a thing, but i am impatient. I wanted my blog to get some visits or i need somebody commenting on my posts. I searched a lot about blog branding in google.. to be serious, its not easy to brand your blog. My blog is not yet listed in the google search engine. Then how can i expect to get visits?

i had to find answer to all these.. Finally i got some websites which could help me in doing this. I first had to submit my blog to google through Add URL . Likewise in google i could also submit my website to other search engines like Msn, Ask, Yahoo etc..

Adding URL did not mean that your blog got added on the spot, It would take its time. As i went through many weblogs, i found that embedding a google search button and google adsense will help me a bit in getting some visibility on the web. I now have 3-4 adsense ads on my blog. Other than google, there was blog log and blog catalog which could help me in the process. For this i had to sign up with mybloglog and blog catalog. Technorati listing was an other major medium for the work.

It took me sometime to understand the whole thing but finally at the end of the day, i submitted my blog to many search engines and linked it to different blog logs. I also embedded some widgets of these on my blog too. A visitor counter to track visitors is also included now. I shall wait for some more days and see what the result is like. Usually google takes about 4 - 5 months to index a fresh weblog.


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