Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yesterday my post was about hydrogen & electricity substituting Oil. But i found there is more to this topic.

Today i went through an article which discussed about alternate fuels. The main focal point was the use of Ethanol as a substitute for Gas. Alcohol based ethanol is made from distilled starch crops such as sugarcane, corn, barley and wheat. Combined with gasoline, it makes E85, which can fuel vehicles.

Ethanols benefits are that its source can be grown, making it renewable, and vehicles fueled by ethanol usually produce lower carbon dioxide emissions.

But the biggest problem that occurs here is that, companies producing ethanol releases lots of volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide into air during production. If they overcome this issue, there is a high chance for ethanol being the fuel of the Future.

The article also mentions about propane (liquid petroleum gas) as a safer option. I shall post it sometime later.


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