Saturday, July 19, 2008

It is very common to hear people complaining about their blog not getting indexed or take too long time to get indexed by Google. At the same time, there are also people who claimed to get indexed within hours or days by Google. So, why is it that some blog are able to get indexed fast, while the others can’t? The reason behind it is actually very simple: it depends on whether you take the necessary action to let Google know that your blog exist.

If all you did is create a blog, start posting on it and expect Google to find and crawl you, you will be disappointed. They won’t know it and even if they did stumble into your blog one day, it might be months or years later.

So, the important point to get your blog index is to let Google know your blog exist.


The easiest method to do so is to put your blog link out there for Google and there are many ways to do so. You can start to comment on popular blog, forum or use social bookmarking site like Digg, Stumbleupon or Technorati to bookmark your blog content.

The logic behind this method is simple; Google like new contents and so, they frequently crawl these sites. When new content or articles appeared on these sites, most of the times, it gets indexed within minutes. So, when you make comments or bookmarking on these sites; and in the process, leaving your blog URL behind, you are actually leaving a trail for Google to find and reach your blog. When it come to these sites, it will eventually find your blog link and follow through to your blog. Hence, your blog will get indexed subsequently.

There are some people who think that making comments on blogs will not get indexed by Google. They feel that Google will not index your blog because nowadays, most of the blogs are nofollow, so your comment will have no impact at all. Actually, this is a wrong concept. What nofollow does is simply notify Google not to pass on page rank or link juice to the linked site, but, it won’t stop the search engine from following through the link to your blog.

Of course, besides this method, there are many other ways that can help your blog to get indexed by Google fast, but, this is by far the most effective way that I have come across. Using this method, all my other sites get indexed within a week, the faster being a day and the longest takes about 5 days.

Try this method out to see if it is effective for your blog.


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