Saturday, July 19, 2008

It may sound like a funny thing to want to know about, but how can you tell a rooster from a hen? In reality, distinguishing between a rooster and a hen is not all that hard to do, but many people that answer this question see the humor in it.

From my observation, roosters have a more prominent array of feathers around the head; in other words, the male chickens are really more colorful and prettier than the hens are. The hens will have a slight bit of feathers around the neck area and head, but those feathers will not be as colorful or as plentiful as the roosters' feathers will be, kind of like male peacocks feathers are more plentiful and prettier than the females are. Too, as is alluded to in some of the articles, roosters do usually stand taller than hens and look a bit more sleek than hens do. It is all up to the fact that, when full-grown, it is much easier to to tell a rooster from a hen than it is when they are first hatched.


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