Thursday, July 17, 2008

Viruses on Instant Messengers are very common these days. Being the most popular communication too on the internet, only rivaled by the email itself, it is only natural that spammers and hackers target this medium. But it is easy to keep yourself save from these type of attacks by following small simple rules while chatting. No, I am not going to stop you from chatting with strangers ;)

MSN is the most popular instant messaging client with the teenagers today. Hence MSN messengers are widely targeted by virus and trojan writers.Most msn virus are usually not very harmful, but annoying definitly they are. All of them spread via the list of contacts on your messenger. Once affected, they replicate by sending messages to you friends including a link to a harmless image file.

This is something you should be careful about while chatting. Fortunately MSN Virus removal tools are easily available on the net including manual removal and removal with the help of anti-virus and spyware removal tools.


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